#1 Rated MS Excel Repair Tool

Excel repair tool

Have you ever faced the following issues in your MS Excel Files?

  • Microsoft Excel has stopped working
  • You are using an unknown function (#NAME?)
  • You’ll be dividing by zero (#DIV/0!)
  • The cell you are submitting shall not be a valid cell address (#REF!)
  • In the cell the numeric result will appear too large (#NUM!)
  • You will find no data or null in the cell (#NULL)
  • Some different situation will be caused like (#N/A)

No need to deal with any of these issues anymore...! As now you can easily get rid of such issues by using MS Excel Repair Tool. This tool very effectively repairs up your corrupted excel file without damaging it's original formatting. It removes the contents from the corrupted file and rebuilds a new file that can be easily accessed. It easily recovers deleted Excel spreadsheets along with the other important things such as formatting, charts, images, graphs, hyperlinks and indentation etc.

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Why Choose MS Excel Repair Tool?

recover Excel files

Recover everything without facing any problems

With the help of this tool you can easily repair and get everything back in your file. You can recover every single object in your file without any slightest modification and even you can restore formatting of the charts, user defined charts, numbers, and texts.

recover excel worksheet

Easy Restoration of WORKSHEET with the properties

You can repair your corrupted Window Excel file/Mac and restores the original new healthy excel workbook. This tool saves you’re affected files and restore its exact file.

fix excel errors

Removes all corruption errors from Excel file

This tool is useful for every corruption in your worksheet. You can easily overcome a variety of error that arises in your Excel data.

repair Excel files

Easy to repair

MS Excel Repair tool helps you to repair your corrupted files by identifying the corruption as well as it fixes the damage and restores the file back to a new healthy file. Not only this, it even repairs a batch of corrupted files in just a single attempt.

Wide Compatiblity

Wide Compatiblity

Excel repair tool supports entire versions, like Excel 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007 and older version. Not only this, the software is also well compatible with entire Windows OS like Windows 10/8/7/vista/xp/2000/ 98 and so on.

Easy User Interface

Easy User Interface

The tool offers easy and consistent user interface along with step by step wizard to make browsing and navigation easier. You will surely get the high quality results after the recovery process.

Free download to scan corrupt Excel workbook and preview all recoverable data.

Causes Of Excel File Corruption

Root Causes Of Excel File Corruption

Have a look over some most commonly rendered Excel(.xls or .xlsx) files corruption causes:

  • Improper shut down plays a vital role in corruption or damage to your files.
  • Hard drive might develop a bad sector within which your excel file is also kept.
  • Software issues can also corrupt your file and you’ll be unable to open your file.
  • Virus or malicious software are also harmful for your MS Excel file they can even damage and corrupts your files.
  • Some Defects in the Excel Application
  • Abruptly closing the Excel files
  • Excessive storage of data in a single Excel file
Excel Errors

Frequently Encountered Excel Errors

  • The file is corrupt and cannot be opened
  • There was a problem sending the command to the program
  • Excel cannot open the file ‘(filename)’.xlsx error
  • Unable To Read File Error
  • We Found A Problem With Some Content In Excel
  • Excel Found Unreadable Content
  • Excel Cannot Use Object Linking And Embedding Error
  • Microsoft Excel Security Warnings The Application Experienced An Internal Error
  • Object Doesn’t Support This Property Or Method” (ERROR 438)
  • Excel No Cells Were Found Error

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